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Name, surname: Bruno, de Giusti
Qualifications: MSc in Telecommunication Engineering ("Doctor in Engineering", in accordance with the Italian legislation); also qualified to the Profession of Engineer (Register of Engineers n. 1317, Savona, Italy); Expert Witness for civil and criminal courts, registered at Savona Court of Justice, Italy.
Actual position: Senior Network Performance Engineer, Nokia Corporation, Finland.
Activities: work methodology, process and troubleshooting improvement, worldwide optimisation of networks of mobile services, expert reports, training in telecommunications and other scientific technological subjects, documentation, proof-reading and translations, advice in telecommunications, safety and other scientific technological matters; custom-made analysis and solutions; expert reports and appraisals for judicial offices; feasibility studies of systems and installations, technical supervision, negotiation assistance in foreign languages.

Place and date of birth: Savona (Italy), December 2, 1966
Residence: Piazzale Piemonte, 1A/9 – I-17012 Albissola Marina – Italy
Nationality: Italian
Military position: full discharge
Civil status: married

Home and head office phone and fax: +39
Mobile phones: +39 347.0123.170

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November 1998: Graduation to Professional Engineer (Italian legislation).

September 1992 - October 1998: Polytechnic University of Milan - Graduation to Telecommunications Engineering (Doctor in Telecommunications Engineering with specialisation in radio communication technology); thesis on an integrated remote monitoring system, based on GSM and DGPS.

September 1979 - July 1984: Istituto "Corridoni", scientific liceo - diploma in science.


Technical: GSM System Overview, GSM Base Station Subsystem, Advanced Radio Network Planning, Advanced Transmission Network Planning, Parameterisation of GSM Networks, Optimisation of GSM Networks, TETRA Networks, GPRS System, EDGE System, Basic and Advanced UMTS System, WCDMA Radio Specialist, WCDMA parametrisation, Micro-Cellular Network Planning, Instruments for Simulation and Mobile Network Analysis, Nokia Optimizer, Measures on noise and vibration, Technical consultant for justice.

Non-technical: Project management, Situational Leadership, Selling and Managing Projects, Presentation Skills, Turnkey Projects, Safety Procedures in a Work Environment, Personal Career Planning and Development, Successful Personal Management, Train the Trainer, Managing Customer Relationships.

(Abstract of principal activities, sorted by end date and from the most recent one)

May 2004-today: Position in Nokia Corporation, Finland, as a Senior Network Performance Engineer; worldwide optimisation of networks of mobile services: optimisation process definition, network clusterisation, drive test design and analysis, KPI definition, analysis and improvement, signalling analysis, counters and network statistics collection and analysis, network parameterisation, parameter optimisation, coverage optimisation, ad hoc documentation, workshops, coaching, classroom and on-the-job training, optimisation of work methodologies and troubleshooting, operator’s organisation and network management, interface to the customer, customer care (location details follow in this CV).

August 2005 – today:
QoS Project Team Leader by Orange, France; improvement of the operator’s methodologies of organisation, troubleshooting and network management.

April – July 2005:
Performance engineer by a major European mobile network operator; methodologies of malfunctioning investigation and correction, radio optimisation of the new UMTS network.

January – March 2005:
Performance engineer by Telenor, Norway; methodologies of malfunctioning investigation and correction, radio optimisation of the new UMTS network.

July - December 2004:
Performance engineer by E-Plus, Germany; methodologies of malfunctioning investigation and correction, radio optimisation of the new UMTS network.

June 2004 - July 2004:
Performance Engineer by Orange, UK; participation in the project final phase for radio optimisation of the new UMTS network.

October 2002 - today:
Studies in mobile telecommunications on behalf of foreign companies. Training in telecommunications on behalf of consulting firms. Expert witness for civil and criminal courts: experience with an engineering office specialized in car and industrial accident research for judicial offices; technical advice for civil and criminal courts about technological issues.

February 1999 - September 2002: position in Nokia Italia S.p.A., as a Radio Network Planning Engineer, Team leader and Manager; worldwide radio frequency planning of networks of mobile services (details follow in this CV).

July - August 2002: Network Planning Manager in Cable & Wireless DCS 1900 tender, Jamaica; development of a DCS 1900 MHz network, beside a pre-existent TDMA one, in the Caribbean.

July 2001- June 2002: Network Planning Manager for an operator in the Middle East; development of a GSM/GPRS network, beside a pre-existent one, and preparation for UMTS roll-out.

September 2000 - June 2001: Network Planning Manager by E-plus, GSM and UMTS operator in Germany; optimisation of the existing GSM network in Germany and preparation for UMTS roll-out.

April - August 2000: Eastern Spain RF Coordinator in Xfera UMTS tender, Spain; development of a UMTS network in the regions of Valencia, Murcia and Baleares.

February - March 2000: RF engineer by Blu, GSM operator in Italy; development of a GSM network on Italian motorways in the regions of Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Trentino-Südtirol.

April - September 1999 and January 2000: RF engineer in South Africa's 3rd operator tender; development of a GSM network in Johannesburg, South Africa.

October - December 1999: RF engineer by Amena, GSM operator in Spain; development of a GSM network in Extremadura region.

October 1995 - February 1999: practising laboratory and installation activity for Companies operating in the field of telecommunications, especially abroad. Realisation, among the other things, of HF amplifiers, high power supplies, transmitters for broadcasting e scientific research, radio relays from HF to microwaves.

November 1998: planning and installation of radio links and relays in States of Central Africa, operating in hard working conditions.

1981 - October 1995: occasional activities, among which amateur radio and TV systems, either satellite or not, also very complex; co-operation with firms specialised in antenna and electrical installations, either civil or industrial; planning, installation and configuration of PCs and LANs.

December 1990 - September 1992:
Financial consultant with Area Consult Societą d'Intermediazione Mobiliare S.p.A. (an Italian official society of intermediation in securities).

July 1984 - December 1990: Support to my brothers' insurance agencies (Societą Cattolica di Assicurazione and Allianz-Pace Assicurazioni).

March 1985: Realisation of a word processor for "Next", a computer magazine.


Computer skills: excellent MapInfo, MSI Planet, Actix, Cosiro Mars and Nokia NPS/X, Nokia NetAct, NEMU, NEMO, TEMS, MML, some knowledge of Nokia Direct+ and Nokia NPS/10; highly confident with digital and paper charts and chart-related tools. Excellent Internet skills (also creation of sites). Daily use of the main business-related applications (Microsoft Access, Excel, FrontPage, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher and Word) and deep knowledge of DOS, Windows (all versions) and Visual Basic; some knowledge of UNIX, C++, MatLab and circuit simulation tools.

Languages (written/spoken): English (very good/very good), French (fair/very good), German (good/good), Italian (mother tongue/mother tongue), Romanian (fair/fair) and Spanish (Castilian: very good/very good). Some skills in other languages.

Travelling skills: many trips abroad, also for long times, at first in the retinue of my father's journalistic activity and then for personal profession. Availability to travel anywhere, frequently and continuously.

Personal interests and hobbies: Radio communication (Citizen Band and amateur radio, IZ1DNH), planning and installation of amateur radio stations; classical music (virtual musician: transcriptions into top quality MIDI files of Bach’s major sonatas; see, playing piano, musical composition, languages, dialects, cultures civil aviation (commercial aircrafts, flight simulators), photography, international history and politics, astronomy, computer science.

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